Halfbeak Sushi

This is the first time I have seen halfbeak prepared like this. It is a work of art. Wow. When I saw this video, I just had to post it. I find this quite amazing, so much effort for a fish we fishermen often regard as bait!

Yanagi ba

My cousin gave me one of these for my birthday. If you like making sushi at home, you should really get one of these. The blade is long and sharp and with a bit of practice, you can slice some restaurant quality sushi with it. The blade’s cutting profile is very different from western knives. A right handed knife will have a one sided bevel facing right, while a left handed knife would have the cutting bevel to the left. This bevel pushes the meat to the side of where the bevel is, making it easier to cut beautiful slices each and every single time.

The opposite side of the bevel is flat which makes the cut very straight and gives the surface of the fish a really nice sheen.

The length of the blade facilitates cutting the meat in one slice.

Read more about the knife in Wikipedia.


Global Deba Knife


I got myself one of these. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve read some pretty good reviews. I am patiently waiting for a tuna trip and I’m already looking forward to cleaning the fish with this knife.

I know not a lot of people would really look forward to cleaning the catch, but in my case, I consider everything that has something to do with fishing as part of the process and therefore, enjoy all of the steps from start to finish.

This knife might look ordinary to most people, might be a surprise to a lot when they find out that this particular knife – is a fillet knife!

The Deba Knife has as different shape than the fillet knife that most people are used to. When I used one for the first time, it was kind of intuitive and from then on, I was hunting for my own, but being stuck in the desert and far away from Asia isn’t really a big help when you want something from Japan, until I found a shop that sells them in the mall!

How to Sharpen a Knife

There is nothing more frustrating for me than trying to cut or slice something with a very dull knife. I’ve cut myself too much to know that a dull knife is a very dangerous thing to have in the kitchen.

I always make it a point to sharpen my knives as often as possible and I keep a set for myself that’s totally off limits to anyone else.

The video above explains how to sharpen with a wet stone, which is my preferred way of sharpening knives. This is an age old method that has been used in Japan to sharpen knives and other bladed instruments, including the Katana. Although I believe the Katana undergoes a lot more grades of grinding, the method remains the same.