Williamson Casting Jigs

There are a few Williamson jigs floating around and I have been using them since they were introduced a while back. Lately it  has been some of my go to lures for nearshore fishing. As with the now established Koika jigs from Storm, Williamson Koika is basically the same jig, only configured for casting – the hook is a treble hook attached with a robust split ring. Williamson Jigs carry their own color range, but aside from the colors and hooks,  these only things that separates them from their Storm branded brothers. Since I’m really not too fussed about color schemes, I really don’t mind. When I need Assist hooks on the jigs I want to use, I just swap them out.

Fishing in shallow water in Ras Al Khaimah one morning, using both the Slick and Thunder jigs to catch some nice fish off a marina. All fish were released.


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