30AED quick wash Jig/lure box

 It has been a while since wrote a Do It Yourself article, so after a while of thinking about what to write here, I decided I was going to write about my most recent project.

Shopping around the tackle shops for a decent box to hold most of my jigs, I found that there were some for sale that tick the boxes off my list, but none except for one (which I found online) ticked everything except for the price box.

I wanted a lure box that I could put my jigs in or my chosen lures for inshore trolling, I don’t know about you, but often times, when I get home, I am so tired from the fishing and driving that each time I get home, I usually do as much of the chores as I can then sleep. The one of the things that takes me a long time is cleaning the lures I’ve used. It’s a tedious and time-consuming job and more often than I want it to happen, I skip it just to save up on time. After replacing hooks on my lures several times, I decided to think of way for me to wash them down without taking a lot of time.

With this box, I can wash and dry everything in the box without worrying about missing out lures that I forgot I used and foolishly dumped back into the pile.

You only need PVC piping and a small icebox you can get at the Carrefour for about 30AED. I already have some PVC pipes from a previous project so there wasn’t really much spending on this except for the icebox.

I’m sure someone out there will make a better version, but here is the basic idea from start to finish.



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